As a music facilitator I lead workshops with award winning charities and arts organisations for individuals and groups at all stages of life, with a particular focus on engaging with vulnerable members of the community including :

  • The Elderly living with Alzeihmers and Dementia

  • Adults who suffer from Mental Health conditions

  • Health and Social Care Leaders

  • Full time carers

  • SEN Programmes

  • Youths with behavioural problems

  • 18 - 24 month year olds


CREATE - Nurturing Talent Programme developing my practice within the local community.

FAIRBEATS Associate Artist and Music Facilitator 


MOVING WAVES - Arts Facilitator 

ANGEL SHED - Music Facilitator 

GLUEMusic Facilitator 

DREAM ARTS - Vocal and Music Facilitator

TARKAMusic Director 

ARK MUSIC - Artist in Residence & Music Mentor 



- Promoting positive mental health through learning, improvisation and co-composition!


- Creating workshops for NHS Leadership retreat for health and social care leaders.


- Running music, instrumental and vocal workshops for the carers of Queensmill. 



​"Holly demonstrates and role models a remarkable level of personal authority, warmth and ability to connect with participants and create a rich and diverse learning experience. She managed to get a group of senior NHS and social care leaders to co-compose their own score and theme through song and soundscape. Our programme literally took off as a result of Holly’s intervention”

Sue Machell, Director in the Hospital and HealthCare Industry

  • For Frida - Youtube Channel
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Please, feel free to contact me for any enquiry you may have, regarding Holly Khan music or For Frida at :


+44 7809 322701