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The ONE BOX MUSIC campaign saw 50 siblings of SEND (special educational needs and disabled) children receive a box filled with musical instruments and creative activities during the pandemic.

"Music often serves as medicine in our home, both taking us outside of ourselves for a while, as well as putting us in touch with our emotions. Throughout this lockdown, so much of our lives have involved music.

Those moments when there was no music was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. There were days when I was in tears and both my sons (one neurotypical teenager, one autistic 8-year-old) were in tears. One morning when my younger son went to sleep after a particularly difficult night, my older son - in between his online schooling - asked ‘What are we going to do?’. He didn’t ask what ‘I’ was going to do, but what ‘we’ were going to do. He has taken on an enormous responsibility because he loves his brother so much, but in doing so, he has made extraordinary sacrifices in his own life. The role of carer-siblings is unquestionably overlooked, and this pandemic has only amplified that.


ONE BOX is remembering and rewarding the ‘always come second’ siblings, providing them with a chance to be creative, expressive, to

remind them how much they matter." - Lisha, Queensmill Parent

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